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General Questions

Agents of LA Real Estate Training Courses are unique in that they actually focus on teaching Real Estate professionals what happens on a day-to-day basis in a Real Estate transaction. Our courses cover everything from setting up your systems to follow up with your clients after settlement. Other courses may tell you “what” to do, but we give you the all-important “HOW” to.
We’ve made the Agents of LA Real Estate Training Courses very affordable for new agents. If you sign up for every course it would still be much less than your commission on just one transaction. These Courses are an investment in yourself and your future.
The short answer is “No”, however the courses build upon each other. Having said that, the beauty of our courses is that you can take the classes whenever you need them, in whatever order you please and as often as you like…you’ll have lifetime access. You can look at the Agents of LA Real Estate Training Courses as an On-Demand Training Program.
CE courses are required in order to maintain and renew your Real Estate license. Agents of LA Real Estate Training is designed to assist you during the many phases and aspects of the Real Estate business and the transactions.
There are no time limits on the Agents of LA Real Estate Training Courses. You can take the courses as you need them or take one each week until you work your way through all of them.
Yes, and No, depending on if the Courses selected are specifically designated as accredited courses, if not, then you do not receive CE credit for the non-accredited Agents of LA Real Estate Training Courses. However, you will receive invaluable information to help grow your confidence and knowledge of the Real Estate industry to better serve your clients.

Payment Questions

Learn – Agents of LA currently uses Paypal which allows you to pay with credit card, debit card or paypal funds.

We do not offer refunds but on a case by case basis we might offer a credit on your account.

NO! Certificates are included in the cost of the course you select and pass.

Website Questions

Yes! You can save your progress of your course. Only your test must be completed within the time allowed.

Yes! We have built the website platform to work on any device. If you experience any issues please contact our support team right away.


Contact Us directly. We’d be happy to assist you personally learn@agentsofla.com


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